Picture Doctor


Restore damaged or defective JPG and PSD files


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If any of the photos that you have stored on your hard drive have ever been damaged, Picture Doctor is a tool that will help you restore them so that you don't lose any of those memories.

This application repairs all of the damage that might occur to a JPEG or PSD file, fixing any of the image's graphic failures that prevent you from viewing it. In addition, the best thing about Picture Doctor is that you can recover the images with their original dimensions.

It has a very intuitive interface. You just have to go to the main window and add the photographs that have errors, select the output folder and click 'Start Rescue.' The program will take care of the rest.

Picture Doctor is also able to restore the information stored in each layer of the PDS files from Adobe Photoshop, recover various images in batches, and save the files that you need to fix in BMP format.
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